KAWS at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Huge amount of young people with beards and funny hats arrived to see the work of American Pop artist KAWS. The exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in England was followed with 425,000 likes only on Instagram. On the social media profile there were images of KAWS giant sculptures containing that Disney look. The visitors surely liked the most that expression of despair on a large Mickey Mouse sculpture, with his head in his hands.

As this artist used to design toys, some of those elements can still be seen through the repetition in his work, such as the shape of ears and the postition of eyes. They all give the presence of craft and warmth, because they’re usually made of wood, just in KAWS style. Beside Mickey Mouse, KAWS also spends his time recreating popular icons, such as the Michelin Man.

This exhibition is surely suitable for any crowd, but mostly for young ones, considering that it is a real piece of pop culture. KAWS has already a huge fan base on a global level. Like graffiti, that he used to do early in his career, these sculptures are also attention grabbers, regading their size, the mix of familiar and odd and the combination of materials and colours.

The exhibition of Bryan Donnelly aka KAWS was on view at Yorkshire Sculpture Park from February 6 to June 12, 2o16.


image source: theguardian.com

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