Kind-hearted Customer Leaves Four-Figure Tip for Informative Waitress

Being a waitress can be hard work; tough questions, awkward interactions and rough wages. The tips are what makes it for most people, they say. And for Brianna Siegel, one interaction netted her a tip that would make hearts melt.

Working at Bar Louie in New Jersey, the waitress was used to dealing with regulation questions about products for sale and service needs. On a standard day, a waitress will likely answer the same question time and time again, trying to give people the information that they need about whatever it is they intend to order.

Interesting Customers

When she was approached by a duo of customers looking to talk about God, she did what any good waitress would do; she reciprocated.

After ordering standard burger and drink combos, the duo asked her about God. The couple asked her if she believed in God, and when she confirmed she did she went back to work as if nothing had ever happened, presuming it was nothing more than a rather different question.

The couple ate up and paid their bill – $20 – but when she went to clear up the table, a small envelope sat there that said she should not open it until she managed to finish her shift. Expecting a religious calling card, Brianna acted as asked and opened the envelope when she got to her boyfriend’s house later that evening.

One Crazy Tip

However inside was a note for $1,200 and a note that said “P.S. Whenever it gets hard, know God got you,”

Presuming it was a scam, Siegel was hugely surprised when it seemed to match and she was left with the incredible bonus. Now, she’s going to use that exceptional sum of money to help put her closer towards enrolling for nursing school in the near future.

“There are true caring people out in this world. They want to help me and they don’t even know me.” She said, summarizing this amazing and life-affirming story that reminds us all that for all the evil in the world, countless acts of good happen every day that we never hear about.

How would you react if you happened to open up a tip from work and found it containing four figures? Let us know what you think below and don’t forget to let your friends this amazing act of kindness!