Kris Jenner Generously Donates Gourmet Meals to the Poor

Kris Jenner ultimately did one of the most generous things one celebrity could do for the holidays: donate gourmet meals by high class chefs to the needy. During the holiday season, most celebrities are blessed enough to enjoy their seasoned meat alongside fountains of desserts, topped off with the finest wines from the world’s top vineyards. Kris chose to utilize her time by giving the same pleasure to the homeless who are starving, broke, and in need of donations and charity. Talk about a contrast from the way we see her and the Kardashians on their hit show, “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.


According to the¬†executive director of the charity Red Eye, which dedicates its time to serving homeless men and women in the streets, Kris reached out herself to coordinate¬†and find a way to make everything happen. Justin Mayo, the man with the plan, had decided to go along with it as he knew that this could truly touch the lives of over one hundred people. They do have a saying and it says “change one life, and you can change the world”, and in this case, one hundred plus worlds have been changed.

Mayo took to the Red Eye instagram account to share a picture of happy and full children satiating their appetites.

Reality star Kris Jenner and her family truly outdid themselves this holiday season by donating to the less fortunate, and truly being able to make sure that the needy could be fed too. The meal included smoked ribs, mashed potatoes, white truffle maccaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes, and fancy designed cookies and treats as desserts.


This is truly one of the most heartwarming stories to come out this holiday season; may it also inspire you to pay it forward and do something kind for someone else. You never know who’s life you could touch this time of the year!