LG Smartphone With Detachable Second Screen

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Next month at the Mobile World Conference, LG is revealing a new type of smartphone that promises to change the game entirely. The electronics company based in South Korea is said to be revealing a phone that brings in the option of attaching a second screen.

If you've thought one screen to be enough for a mobile phone, think again.

An anonymous source tells CNET that the smartphone would have a case with a built-in screen. This foreign and unnamed contraption will multiply the size of the device's screen.

This new smartphone is only one of the numerous devices LG is predicted to launch at this event. The second screen phone is not expected to be named as part of the G8 flagship series, but we can't wait to see what LG has in store for this huge event in Barcelona.

It isn't clear yet how many devices LG will be announcing, but will definitely be something to look out for when MWC opens on February 25th. The new advancement may help LG compete with companies like Apple, and Samsung as these companies are suspected to be launching devices that will be able to fold over the course of the year.

Rolling TV

BUSINESSTECH reports that sales of LG smartphones dropped by 23% in 2018. This put them behind companies like Vivo, Xiaomi and Oppo as the 7th most popular smartphone makers in the world.

LG didn't put a lot of emphasis on smartphones at CES earlier this month. People believe that this is because smartphones only make up a small part of their business. What they mostly talked about was their reliable OLED TV, which is made to roll into a stand when it isn't in use.

If the company can generate as much talk about the phone as they did with the TV, it may turn out to be quite a successful review.