Life Changing: Airport Cleaner Finds Gold In Trash Can

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While nobody really enjoys the art of rifling through the bin, we’ve all been there. Looking for that lost receipt, that missing $100 or that sweater you loved but your partner hated, we’ve all done it.

One aspect of being a cleaner that most of us don’t fully appreciate, though, is that cleaners often need to rake through bins that could be filled with who knows what. It’s a dangerous task, and can put a lot of cleaning staff at risk.

The actual gold bar

Sometimes, though, they find something pretty extraordinary stashed in the trash. Take this incredible story from Incheon International Airport, South Korea.

The cleaner was in the process of emptying out the bins in the trash, where he found a ridiculous $325,000 worth of gold in the bin! He informed authorities at the airport, that 7kg of gold are just sitting there. It’s likely that the gold was ditched to avoid customs control, and that it belonged to men from Hong Kong. With no tax imposed on gold purchase in HK, it would make sense. Gold is often smuggled into Japan via South Korea and has become a common crime in the nation for some time.

If the gold will be found to have no part to play in a criminal case, then it could become the property of the cleaner who found it. If the owner of the gold does not come forward, which would seem brazen if it is illegally connected, then the cleaner gets to keep it all!

It’s part of the “finder’s law” in South Korea, meaning that he gets to keep it if nobody comes forward. Better than just sitting dormant somewhere, right?

Even if it is claimed, though, he could still get a whopping $65,000 from the discovery, since you are entitled to 5-20% of the market value of the gold bars due to finding it. It’s all rather crazy, but I wouldn’t mind a six-figure finding like this!

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