Little Boy Steals the Spotlight At A Hockey Game

When we were children attending sports games with our families, we always saw the jumbo tron and wanted to gain our two seconds of fame. Some of us succeeded, while others had their hearts broken every single time. Two year old Mason had been fortunate enough to not only succeed in getting his seconds of fame, but also winning the crowd over as he showed his dedication to being a fan of the Detroit Red Wings game. Through being adorable, he was able to become a trending sensation, making the entire stadium cheer hard for him as he continued to smile on the big screen, embracing his fame.


All Mason had to do was smile and look pretty damn adorable to earn applause from the crowd around the giant stadium. His smile was capturing, and the cheers he recieved were the expectation of what a two year old would look like had he or she gotten the opportunity to be on the jumbo tron. Even more so, Mason was such a star that he had won the title of honorary member for the Detroit Red Wings, something that was a first for him and his adorable little face.

As other viewers obtain screentime, the entire crowd can be heard booing at the loss of Mason’s presence. Not only does this show how much everyone adores children, but this is more of a sign that if a child smiles on the big screen and cheers like a little puppy, the whole audience will go absolutely crazy over him, and the rest of the story will be history. It is quite clear that Mason will read these articles one day in the future, and look back in pride at how precious of a child he truly was and is.