Logan has Left the Building

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Although Hugh Jackman hung his claws as Wolverine after seventeen years, the fans of the X-Men series can rejoice in the fact that his last movie might just be the best in the bunch.

Hugh Jackman, who has recently successfully beaten cancer for the sixth time, says farewell to the character which defined his career. In Logan, which came out last week, Wolverine puts his adamantium claws for the final time to welcome the new generation of X-Men. It is set in the year of 2029 in the dystopian USA, where the mutants are nearly extinct and there hasn’t been a mutant born in almost 25 years. Logan, who works as a driver and drinks his days away somewhere near the Mexican border, finds himself chased by the organization called Transgien. In one of the most grounded superhero movies of our generation, Logan and his “daughter” Laura go on an emotional journey, cathartic in a way, which sees him come to terms with himself and the world. The inspiration for the movie came from a graphic novel Old Man Logan written by Mark Millar and Steven McNiven.

This rare R-rated superhero movie, besides the star of the show Hugh Jackman, has a stellar cast. Patrick Stewart returns as Professor Charles Xavier, while the character of Laura is played by the newcomer Dafne Keen. On the opposite side are Richard E. Grant and Boyd Holbrook, who you may recall form the Netflix’s TV series Narcos. Critics praised the movie, especially for its gritty take on the superhero genre which is flooding the cinemas nowadays. It defies the standards of our usual superhero movie, as it is violent, thought-provoking but surprisingly vulnerable and sentimental at the same time. Some critics even compared it as to being The Dark Knight of the series. Furthermore, they lauded the performances, especially from the Wolverine himself Hugh Jackman, as well as Patrick Stewart and Dafne Keen, who will undoubtedly return in the future films. There was a slight hope that Jackman could return as well, but he refused to be a part of Deadpool 2, which is the next movie in that universe being released in 2018.

The audience around the world also recognized the film’s importance and greatness. They rewarded it with a staggering box office figures. It will most likely beat the record for the best opening day of any R-rated movie. Also, it is heading for an eye-watering 80 million dollars worldwide. If that happens, Logan will be the second best opener in the franchise, just behind the first spinoff in the series X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which earned 85 million dollars. The success of Logan is not something that should come as a surprise to people around the world, as it came just a year after the first R-rated superhero movie in a while in the form of Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool.
Many tears will be shed at the end of the movie, but they will not be in vain. After seventeen years and six movies, a tiresome Jackman deserved his swan song, a final performance, the best at last.