LOL: Fireman Saves Rude Parrot Stuck on a Roof

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The firemen were called so it must have looked like the parrot's life was in danger. However, nothing prepared the fireman for the shock he got when he eventually reached the spot where the parrot was supposedly stuck. He was told, and we quote, to "F**K off!" How rude, but we shouldn’t only regard the parrot's comment what if the fireman was intruding what was a solemn moment of peace and reflection on the roof?

This brings us to wonder, do animals need some time off on their own as well? I know we humans do, the peace you feel when alone cannot be compared to many experiences. Maybe the parrot just wanted to relax on the roof.

According to the witnesses, it did seem like the parrot was stuck on the roof. It refused to acknowledge the treats and calls from the owner who were getting agitated because of the situation.

Jessie, the parrot, had spent three days on the roof before the firemen were called to come to her rescue. But she was not ready to come down. We wonder what must have caused Jessie’s tantrum. Little wonder, from her vocabulary, maybe those were the last words she heard which will explain her decision to stay up on the roof for three days.

That was not all; Jessie could say nice things too. When the firemen were called, they were advised to say the words “I love you” to Jessie, and she would reply “I love you back.” So she has a good side. It was also revealed that the parrot was multi-lingual; she could speak other languages such as Turkish, and Greek fluently. Her vocabulary was quite vast too regarding the foreign languages; it was, therefore, surprising to everyone even the owners that she chose to speak in English while telling the fireman to f..k off. It was the last comment she made before spreading her wings and flying to another roof of a neighbor nearby.

It was such a relief when everyone could see that Jessie was not hurt because she could fly effortlessly. The bird just wanted to have some time alone probably. After trying to convince her to come down from the roof, she flew away and perched on a tree. The firemen were satisfied that Jessie was okay and there was no need to chase her or bring her into the house if it was something she didn’t want. The solution was most probably to carry out research to find out more information about the behavior of adult female parrots of Jessie’s breed.

It is certain that a discovery will be made to explain why she could suddenly choose to stay away for a couple of days on her own. There is no food out there, and she has been domesticated. The weather is however not so bad, so she is safe, but the owners hope Jessie will have a change of mind and return home soon.

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