The Long Hollywood Tradition Between Mega Directors

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With Avengers: Infinity War beginning to clean up at the box office, it’s no surprise that it’s been a major showbiz talking point. More importantly, though, it’s become a movie franchise so big that it smashed the likes of Star Wars. With the 19th and arguably best edition of the Marvel Cinematic Universe taking in as much as $640m worldwide, it’s become a major hit across the globe. Indeed, it even blows away “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” which hit around $529m worldwide.

As impressive as these figures are, more impressive is the fact that it’s allowed us to peek behind the Hollywood curtain for a moment. With both MCU and the masters at Lucasfilm both under the Disney banner today, it’s no surprise that this little tidbit has come out in the public. Lucasfilm’ President, Kathleen Kennedy, sent a wonderfully gracious note to Marvel to congratulate their achievement, completed with Rey passing over a lightsabre to Iron Man in celebration.

Indeed, this has apparently been a widespread Hollywood tradition. It started with George Lucas the old “Star Wars” director and his mate Steven Spielberg. Starting in 1977 when Spielberg used a full-page Variety advertisement to congratulate Lucas’ on Star Wars beating “Jaws” at the Box Office. It showed R2-D2, the lovable Star Wars droid, catching Jaws himself on his fishing hook.

Since then, we’ve seen some truly special ones come from both groups. For example, when “E.T.” became the superb hit that it was, Lucas responded with an ad of some of Star War’ main heroes lifting E.T. up into the air with a #1 sign.

This also happened in the 1990s, with ET passing on the crown to R2D2 When The prequels proved that Star Wars was here to stay.

Next time happened when James Cameron’ Titanic beat Star Wars. Gorge printed an add in the papers. It is actually the most elaborate one ever showing almost all of the Star Wars characters going down with the ship.

Later on, the Box Office crown went to another Cameron production - Avatar. So it was no surprise that he didn't do anything then. But he did disappoint when Marvel's The Avengers took the crown and didn't post anything (He is known as someone who doesn't like superhero films).

Good thing Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios is a good sport and decided to revive the tradition when Jurrasic World suppressed the Avengers in 2015 by a mere million dollars. This time though the tradition moved from the pages of the newspapers straight to social media.

Of course, Universal didn't stay quiet when Star Wars took the crown for the third time, this time shattering the previous record by a staggering 40 million. The poster shows T-rex putting a gold medal on BB-8. Whats nice about it is also the fact that Steven Spielberg that began this tradition, was part of the congratulating team.

Nice to see the biggest directors out there congratulating each other and making Hollywood a friendlier place.