Look Into the Future of Music for 2017

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2016 staged some unexpected comebacks like All Saints, Craig David and Rick Astley. There is so much upcoming music that we can look forward to listening to and possibly even dancing to by ourselves at 4 am while no one else is watching! Of course, 2016 had brought us major music that had exceeded our expectations, but the wait for more music is already showing us what is in store. Continue reading this article to feel the excitement and joy.

1. Ed Sheeran

Our dear Ed Sheeran has completed his work on his third album which doesn’t have a title yet. Except for the fact that several songs were recently registered with his publisher, there is not much that we know about the record. Some titles, though, have come up such as 21th Century Fox, Sure, and Fall. Amy Wadge, Ed's Thinking Out Loud co-writer seems to be very enthusiastic about the release. We now have a reason to blame Ed Sheeran if our email gets hacked, because Amy told to Newsbeat that the new material would “break the internet”.

2. Katy Perry

The one and only Katy Perry is also in the studio working hard. Donald Trump’s US election victory forced Katy to ditch half of her fourth album so that she could make some songs about the situation. Earlier this month she wrote: "It's funny, sometimes people who disagree with me just say, 'Shut up and sing’. Boy, will I do so in a whole new way... next year. Hell hath no fury like a woman REBORN". The US inauguration should be one entertaining show to watch; we will obviously see how many musicians there will be that will come out in support of Mr. Trump, and Katy will be one of those who will stay thousands of miles away.

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3. Drake

Mr. Drake is being very serious and shows no sign of stopping. The world’s most-streamed artist has booked an eight night residency in London’s O2 arena. The Canadian singer and producer has two or maybe even three records coming in the next year. The first one, More Life, is billed as a “playlist project” featuring the artists signed to Drake’s OVO record label and Drake himself. Another masterpiece under construction is a collaborative album with Kanye West. There is also an album that is rumored to be a collaberation with Taylor Swift, and if the story is true than the excitement will keep everyone anxious to hear it.



4. Liam Gallagher

Liam's debut solo album will also be an attempt to show who he really is and what he’s made of. Noel Gallagher, Liam’s brother, has seen his career from the beginning when Oasis split, and also watched while Beady Eye fell apart very ingloriously. The expectations from star’s new album are pretty high, but there won’t be a shortage of critical drubbing. He said: "The press will probably hate it but they hate everything anyway. I don't think people care any more. Music's judged by social media now, not by The Guardian." And those are the wisest words that one could say regarding the news.


This has been a short list, but there will definitely be more artists coming out with the most prestigious music we will be hearing. In the meantime, look up these artists and embrace their music that has been previously released. Happy listening!