One Man Found Holes in His Home Wall. What Were They?

When we find odd things in our home and on our walls, we often put it down to coincidence. We look at various reasons why that might have taken place, and just deduce that it’s nothing sinister. From pesky critters to kids playing games, we usually can find a relatively innocent reason for just about anything that we can find waiting for us back at home.

However, for one man, finding a series of holes appearing in his walls on his workspace was beginning to become a concern. They were too intricate and specific to be the work of any animal, and it was unlikely to be anything kid-related. So, he continued to investigate in a bid to find out why this rather odd incident was taking place in his home.

We’re usually good at noticing these weird little oddities taking place. When we notice something is out of place that we know we never moved, though, we usually take the time to do some digging. When we do, though, sometimes we can find out information that we wish we’d never had…

At first, the homeowner wanted to believe it was just watermarks or something similar – but it was too perfect each time. There had to be something more intricate involved here. Using his toolkit, he began to do a bit of digging around to find out what it was. So, he drilled a hole into one of the circles to find out what was going on underneath.

There was an opening on the other side and it turned out that the holes he could see would lead him into a new room entirely. It was like a secret room, with only these tiny ways as a means of access at first. Worried he might find something weird inside, he called a few buddies for backup and for corroboration should anything untoward take place. Unable to make anything out with just a light, he awaited their arrival.

Deciding to climb in and do some exploration, they made the hole bigger to help make their entrance a little easier. Inside what was clearly a rather crowded space, he asked for a torch to be delivered by one of his buddies to see what was on the other side. The room was really dirty, and all that was in the room was some old metal beams and scraps. He moved the light around the room and found it was once used as a water tank.

It looks to be an old cistern room from the footage. While it’s a little weird and has all the hallmarks of an old jail, it’s not quite as haunting as one might have expected. It’s proper old, though, and would need some serious renovation work if it was ever to be used as a room again. Weird, right?