Man Saves Life By Watching The Office

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A guy from Arizona was in a situation where he had to try out life lessons which he learned from watching The Office. This life lesson came from an unlikely source - a fictional character - Michael Scott.

The very real Chris Scott rushed in to save the day when he saw a driver slam herself on her car’s steering wheel. The 21-year-old rushed over to the car, then broke the car’s window in order to get the woman out. This woman was on the verge of losing her life, as her lips were already turning blue.

Stain' Alive

And with no pre-knowledge in first aid, Cross remembered one episode in The Office where Michael Scott administered CPR to a dummy with Bee Gee’s Stayin’ Alive playing in the background. According to various sources, at 103-beats per minute, the number one song from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack is assumed to be the correct tempo for carrying out chest compressions.

After about a minute, Cross’s lessons from The Office made a huge impact, the woman began to breathe again, after which she threw up and was taken to the hospital where she regained her health.

Cross explained too, that he was still unaware of the correct way to administer CPR, but the lessons from the show helped him maintain the right tempo.

In Cross’s very words: “I still have no idea how to do CPR – all The Office gave me was a song tempo to go to.” In spite of Cross’s inexperience with first aid, and according to paramedics, there is a great chance that the woman – Claire as identified by local media – would have been in a rather hopeless situation if Cross didn’t step in.

Cross went on to give a shout out to two other women who did their bit in saving Claire’s life by calling 911.