Man with Peanut Allergy Goes The Extra Mile with Proposal

When we hear of people popping the big question, you always want them to say yes. It takes so much bravery and courage to ask someone to marry you that it can be tough to hear someone say no. however, for Tom Ciancia and Lauren Trulli, the stunt pulled in Tom’s proposal almost makes you want her to say no!

Tom was being wheeled into the Emergency Room with Lauren, who herself is a nurse at the Monmouth Medical Center, New Jersey. Being ‘treated’ for a severe peanut allergy attack, Lauren got an even bigger fright than she expected. To make matters worse, Tom is a nurse at the hospital too and its well-known he has a major peanut allergy.

17th September was just any normal day, until Tom was now on a stretcher and being hurled into the back of an ambulance to be saved. Immediately, Lauren got to work in a bid to make sure he could get the treatment that he needed – as any good nurse and partner would do. Knowing the severity of his allergy and how bad it could be, she held back the nerves and got to work.

Pretending to come off the stretcher by mistake, the nimble nurse landed on one knee and popped out a diamond ring to ask her the big question. Proclaiming that it was “[This is] the best way to surprise you” he popped the big question.

Starting to cry and even using a surgical glove to wipe away her tears and to calm her emotions down, she said yes to the uproar and cheers of everyone in the room. It was upload to the Elberon First Aid accounts online, and it was shared online among people who enjoyed the witty romanticism of it all.

Mentioning their good work in making sure it all went to play, the captioned the awesome video on Facebook with “Today we did something truly special for two people! We would like to congratulate Tom and Lauren on their engagement! We helped Tom propose by ‘scaring’ Lauren into saying yes!”

How far would you go to give your partner the big question?