Many ways to wear a crop-top this season

After the crop-top majorly conquered the fashion market in 80’s, it’s back again and you’re probably asking yourself what would be the best way to wear it this season. Actually, there are many solutions for your problem, but first of all, you need to think about the way you want to reveal your belly. Is a fully covered, a bit of yourself or a totally exposed option in your plans?

You should also decide if simple or exciting bra would be your choice. Of course, you can go with both options depending on the occasion and your mood in a particular day. Some of our recommendable types of crop-tops for the upcoming season could help you choose how to pair your kind of top with various assets that are regular in your closet, whether you’re in a high wasted, loose, tie-up or any style.

As many of you have a different taste, there are actually some ways to wear a crop top and not to worry about the general image. It’s always easier to decide when you have some official recommendations in various magazine and blogs. So, if you need some additional inspiration for the season, we’re offering you some of the options here, which we find suitable for many events.


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