Marvel Fan Sees Infinity War 57 Times in Theaters (and counting)

Marvel has never failed to impress us when they release interlinked movies. The first movie by Marvel Cinematic Universe was Ironman in 2008 followed by the Incredible hulk. These movies come in series. Avenger’s series is one of the most watched series by Marvel. It started off with The Avengers followed by Avengers: Age of Ultron and recently marvel released its 3rd Avenger movie which is called Avengers: Infinity war.

Avengers: Infinity war is the beginning of the end of everything. The movie has made over US$ 2 Billion and it is the most watched movie of this year and the biggest hit of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie has also set up a benchmark for untitled Avengers 4 where earth’s greatest heroes will fight to take down Thanos.

Infinity war which was written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, and directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, broke several ticket sales records all around the globe.

Talk about the biggest fan? We’ve got you covered. There is this guy who has named himself Nem: The infinity watcher on Twitter. The dude has spent over 100 hours watching the same movie over and over again at different cinemas. He has watched the movie 57 times (and still counting) and he has documented each time and posted it on his Twitter account, including pictures of tickets, cinemas, and his own selfies.

The guy has gained a lot of popularity since then. Some serious people in this world are also questioning his mental stability, while other fans congratulate him on his achievement. After researching his social media accounts, it’s been discovered that he saw the movie every single day and even watched it twice on some days.

The fans of Nem want him to fly over to Avengers 4 red carpet event next year as a result for his loyalty towards Marvel studios. Well Nem can hope for his chance since Marvel keeps an eye on their fans and maybe Robert Downey can help make this dream possible.

Currently, Nem has not announced the number of times he is going to watch the movie. His story already gone viral and became the hottest topic of Twitter. Nem celebrated all this fame and attention by going to watch the movie for the 57th time now. Looks like Nem isn’t interested in other blockbusters such as Deadpool 2 or Solo: A star wars story. He is only loyal to his favorite movie.

How many times do you think has he watched the trailer?

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