Meanwhile in Russia: Rat Attacks Street Cats

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We all know the story: the cat and the rat are age-old enemies, one chasing the other all over the world for supremacy. Sometimes the rat escapes and gets to live another day in his rat hole. Other times, the cat gets the rat.

We have been taught that the rodent is always the prey in this story, even though Jerry escaped Tom’s attempts to capture him more times than we can count. Jerry was smart and cunning, but as it turns out, the creators of the famous duo knew what kind of a story they were telling.

Bizarre footage has emerged of a large rat defying nature by attacking a pack of feral street cats in Russia, when one of the cats refused to leave the rat alone. The proverb "curiosity killed the cat" is used to warn of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation and that fits perfectly in this story.

Apparently, in Russia, cats should watch their back because there are giant rats lurking in the shadows waiting to make the first move. This video features one funny incident when a giant rat went crazy attacking a bunch of street cats, leaving them puzzled.

The outnumbered rat had to come up with a good game plan in order to survive when he got himself into a situation where he was surrounded by a pack of cats. First, he tried to go unnoticed and camouflaged himself in the environment by playing dead, not moving a muscle and not breathing, hoping that the cats will eventually leave and let him be.

However, one of the cats was very unwavering and invaded rat’s privacy by investigating his body, sniffing around. The rat had no other choice but to be brave and go medieval on the curious cat, and her buddies watching from the distance.

It is funny how, being five times smaller in size, the rat managed to somehow get the courage up and attack the cats in an attempt to escape. His sweet escape didn’t go so well since the same cat continued to follow him around.

When the rat was backed into a corner and had nowhere else to go, it had to pull some serious kung-fu skills, jumping and hissing at the cat. The cat was left puzzled and confused, and had to retreat. The rat wins!

Apparently, this isn’t the only time a rat fought back against his assailant and boy, are we glad we have it on video! When you think about rats, you never think of a brave creature who is able to fight down a foe three times its size in an epic battle on an open field, with nowhere to hide for cover. But the creators of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles knew very well where to look for when they created the teens’ clever old sensei.

This clip is more than five years old, but good things come to those who wait and we had no idea we had been waiting for these people to finally upload this awesome clip! We still can’t believe what our eyes are seeing!

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