Meet Shudu - The First Instagram Avatar Model

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Only a few years ago the biggest fashion houses in the world relied on scouting for models to find people with the perfect features to match their brand. This went on for a long time, and many supermodels were discovered. Now some years later it has become too hectic of a task to organize campaigns and castings to scout for models.

We have found out that the perfect model can be created in 3D. We are still in awe of the features of Shudu. She is the 3D creation of the London based photographer Cameron James Wilson. Shudu is an African model; she has already gathered over 130,000 followers on Instagram since she was introduced as the first digital model.


The creation of Shudu is not very surprising; we have seen new innovative apps that can be used to transform pictures into sketches and other fancy images. The filters have also been improved to make pictures on smartphones look extraordinary.

The widespread use of digital pictures creates a potential market for innovative people like Cameron. He can start getting offers to use Shudu on the cover of digital magazines rather than the companies going through the long process of finding real models for their covers.


Another popular digital model named Lil Miquela is already making the news in this area. She has already been featured on the cover of some magazines and has a growing social media following that will increase her popularity.

The advantage creators of digital models have is that designers and editors of magazines are interested in using new faces. Models that have never been used by other brands. It is almost impossible because successful models have earned their fame and money by working with many big brands.

Lil Miquela | Instagram

Cameron has taken this business seriously; he sees a huge potential and a lot of future possibilities. Cameron recently launched his agency called The Digital which is going to be focused on creating and developing more digital models to meet the needs of the fashion and entertainment companies.

When asked how much it costs to create one 3D model avatar Cameron reveals that it costs thousands of dollars and many hours. There are a lot of details to consider such as the features of the model. The clients need perfection, and this is what his company aims to provide.


Digital models are easier to work with; all the editors need is a good computer and lots of time to do the editing. It will be relatively cheaper to work with avatars than real models that can make absurd demands and hold projects to ransom because of their personal needs. However, the digital model avatars will not put the real human models out of a job because of the runway.

The challenge for Cameron and other creators of the digital avatar is to make their creations look as real as possible. It is going to be quite distracting for viewers when they know the model they are looking at is not a real human with obvious graphics features. However, when they look indisputably real, the digital avatars will eventually be accepted globally.

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