Meet The Artist Who Colorfully Thought Outside the Box

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When it comes to making vases, pottery is the truest and most genuine form of a medium for the art. Obviously, vases come in all shapes and sizes but the main material is a ceramic beauty. An artist named Nick, from his own company NZ Woodturning, decided to be creative and think outside of the vase (pun indeed intended). This time, instead of using clay and dirty hands, he decided to utilize color pencils to create something beyond the norm. Check into the beauty of this creation, and how it was done as well.


Diving into the story, Nick had bought many boxes of colored pencils to get started on his project. It did not matter which colors he had, the purpose was to make a rainbow holder for flowers or whatever else people would freely decide to choose. He started off by stacking four layers of colored pencils to start, surrounding a base of a block of wood. Following that step, he filled the holes with a sticky substance called resin. On a side note, resin is used to put on the bow of a violin, viola, or cello and is mainly used for that purpose. After filling the holes, the vase obtains a 3D look that will absolutely wow your eyes.

"“I like to be different. Most things I make you wouldn’t have seen before. It’s a bit of a funny shape, but it’s a funky piece anyway!”


Nick's claim to fame as a pottery artist can be that he created a colorful mountain from a wooden molehill. It is simply easy for an artist with a pottery expertise to continue their mediums without expanding their boundaries, but truly the best form of art is going outside your comfort zone. If anyone could buy this beautiful masterpiece, then they would truly be the luckiest art consumer in the world.

Watch the creation at your own leisure!