Meet the Youngest Girl to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

At age 8 my greatest achievement was beading myself a bracelet. At age 8, Miss Roxy Getter’s greatest achievement is hiking up a mountain 19,431 foot tall. Talk about an over achiever.

Roxy Getter is officially the youngest girl to ever climb Kilimanjaro, and only one year older than the youngest boy to climb the mountain. Along with her brother Ben who is 10 years old, and their parents, the whole family recently did the trek together after Roxy decided this challenge was the top of her bucket list.

To be prepared for the hike the family would take trips to various stadiums and climb up and down the stairs. Climbing seems to be in the family’s genes. Before moving  to Florida , they used to live in Arizona where the Getter clan would often take hiking trips.

Overcoming It All

What makes Ben and Roxy that much more special is the fact that both were born with a hereditary heart disease. One that made their parents fear would disable them from acting like the normal, fun-loving kids around them. But boy where they wrong. Clearly the Getter kids reach for the stars regardless of any physical limitation.

Although both had to be cleared by a cardiologist before they began their record-breaking trek, despite the freezing temperatures, steep ascent and harsh conditions, these two came out better than ever


Their Biggest Fan

Their mother, Sarah Getter is her children’s biggest fan. Probably the coolest mother around, Sarah was excited about her little daredevils wish to climb Kilimanjaro, and readily joint in the fun alongside her children and husband. She gushes about the way Roxy and Ben reached their goals:

“They were amazing. They did not complain. They just kept going one step in front of the other. They actually kept us going, I think with their positive attitude,” Sarah proudly boasts of her two children. “When we got to the top, we just started tearing up. They were in front of us walking, and we both just held hands.”


However, Roxy, in a video she recorded after completing day one of the ascent admits it’s harder than it looks:

“I made it up and that was hard. I was so tired. I could barely even walk.”

Despite it being difficult along the way, these two daredevils have only just begun their adventures. Their trip to Tanzania, Africa to climb Mount Kilimanjaro is only the first of many more to come, promises a brave Roxy. And we can’t wait to follow this family’s adventures!