Mega writers who sold over 100 million books

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You may often hear that reading is dead these days. It is actually far from that and the best proof are these mega-selling authors.

Legions of readers are standing beside the Brazilian author Paulo Coelho. The Alchemist is his most famous book. It follows a personal quest of a young Andalusian shepherd. This book is translated into 81 languages and for almost eight years, it was at the top of all bestseller lists. That is almost two cycles of presidential elections.


Coelho, beside The Alchemist, has more than 30 books. His latest work is The Spy which came out in November 2016. The writer has around 350 million books that were sold. And we are not talking about large and small screens but the old fashion papers filled with ink and made of dead trees. That is not all because Coelho has company.

There is another writer who sold almost 350 million books and that is Stephen King, the horror master, who has more than 50 titles with his name written beside them. Dan Brown also has an astonishing number of readers measured in millions. Just his The Da Vinci Code has sold 80 million copies. A Large amount of King’s End of Watch and John Grisham’s The Whistler are being sold all around the world as we speak.


Best-selling authors are one, but on the other hand, you have mega-best-selling authors with 100 million copies sold or more. Some of them are Nora Roberts, James Patterson, Ken Follett and Stephenie Meyer. We are living in the time when there can only be more and more of them.

Today, the entertainment is a little different than before. People often don’t choose to go to the movies, watch TV on television or buy CDs to listen to music. Now, everything we watch, listen or read is mostly through our phones, especially younger generations. But, a book will always be a book. A Countless number of them are being bought every day all around the world and not just the books by best-selling authors but also by those who don’t visit the bestseller list.

Rock stars are not the only ones who have fans. Mega-best-selling authors have readers who are at the same time real fans. There are people who are not just reading their books, but also collect and try to have every single title by their favorite writer.

In the favor of books goes that you can buy them almost anywhere, from supermarkets and drugstores to discount warehouses and at the airport beside neck pillows and chewing gums.


Jamie Raab, president and publisher of Grand Central Publishing, which published The Notebook by Nicolas Sparks, said:” You can't be a one or two-book wonder. Authors like Sparks tend to attract a lot of readers at the beginning, and then keep them. They give the reader what they like.” Rabb, also imprinted and published Baldacci.

Of course, a story about famous writers can’t go without a Muggle of British wizardry, JK Rowling. She sold over 450 million books and in February 2004, Forbes magazine estimated her fortune to £576 million, making her the wealthiest woman in the United Kingdom leaving even Queen Elizabeth II behind. She is also the second richest female entertainer in the world, with only Oprah Winfrey being ahead of her.