Never Seen Before Amazing Historical Photos!

Photography was invented around 1800, by British inventor Thomas Wedgwood. Well, actually he was the one to have thought of creating permanent pictures by using a material coated with light-sensitive chemicals (just an FYI).

In the two centuries that have passed, photography evolved from a sitting to a Kodak moment and now to Snapchat and Instagram. More pictures are being taken around the world every two minutes, than all the pictures ever taken during the 19th century as a whole.

We have gathered some of these historical photos, but not only nice looking photos – photos of meaningful events in the past, but some of them also shaped our lives forever, some of them are pure fun. Go on – start digging into the past, in chronological order!

1862 – London Underground train

he First Ever Underground Train Journey, Edgware Road Station, London, 1862

In the year of 1862, London was the first city ever to run its own Underground Train. In this picture, you can see the very first day of launching the train at Edgware Tube Station.

Underground trains have since grown and helped change our lives for the better – most of you can’t even imagine life without these trains.

1886 – Statue of Liberty


The Statue of Liberty arrived in America on October 28, 1886, as a gift from France. Did you know it was made by French sculptor Gustave Eiffel? Is the name familiar?

In this picture, the face of the status has been unpacked after a long travel through the Atlantic. Over 100 million visitors have been to this statue which is considered to be the biggest gift of all times.

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