MIT Student Potentially Saves Millions With Invention

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When you get handed an assignment in school, you usually expect to do just enough to show that you are interested, committed and passionate about the process. MIT students especially are expected to show a greater level of understanding and knowledge of the service they are undertaking. For MIT Sloan School of Management student Vick Liu, though, his assessment could become a hugely important part of humanity.

Together with a group of students in his class, they came up with a concept that – in time – could save millions of lives around the world. He came up with the TravlerPack; an innovative invention that is a weather-resistant sleeping bag. Despite its lightweight and easy to carry nature, it’s durable enough to handle extensive weather conditions.

Having watched with horror at the plight of people around the world being left without anything to keep them safe, Liu decided that he wanted an idea that would be realistic, affordable and actionable to help these people. Liu tried out the first prototype to sleep on the roof of his frat house, and he found that it was also the night of a snowstorm so temperatures had dipped to under 15F. however, he stayed nice and warm during the night, proving his hypothesis.

A GoFundMe campaign soon raised $15,000 and thanks to the support they got, they even sent some packages away to Syria for those who are in need of support from the biting, freezing colds and the displacement millions are suffering from.

“We’ve been really lucky the whole way through,” said Liu. “This has been a journey of luck, intuition, and a lot of planning.”

It’s a truly innovative investment – all which came from a school assignment. Hopefully, it can play its part in giving those who need help most a chance to survive and, one day, thrive.