Modern Punk Bands

From Ramones and Sex Pistols to Blink 182 and Neck Deep. Punk music has seen big changes. Modern punk bands are changing the rules.

It’s not about breaking anymore. Today’s punk music is unique than ever. The new decade brought some great artists with it, including catching vocal melodies and groovy riffs. Lyrics are more poetic and music is more emotional. If you were a kid in 90s and you’re probably going to like this list of most influential punk bands of this era, picked by my choice.

Blink 182 (Pop Punk/Punk Rock/Skate Punk) is most known punk band from the 90s. They were formed in Poway, California by Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge and Scott Raynor in early 90s. Shortly after, they came to light in Southern California punk scene. Later, legendary drummer Travis Barker replaces Scott Raynor and the group’s next two albums Enema of the State (1999) and Take off Your Pants and Jacket (2001) were an enormous success. From irrelevant lyrical toilet humor to Tom DeLonge leaving bend, now Blink 182 has a new sound. Matt Skiba replaced Tom and came with some really interesting vocal melodies. Their last album named California (2016) is something no one expected, so check that out if you didn’t already.

Neck Deep (Pop Punk/Punk Rock) is a Welsh punk band formed in 2012 by Ben Barlow and former guitarist Lloyd Roberts. They released two EPs – Rain in July (2012) and A History of Bed Decisions (2013) which gained a lot of attention. After that, they signed with Hopeless Records in August 2013, following the release of album Wishful Thinking (2014). For them, band became the full-time project, and like every teenager would, they quit their jobs and dropped out of university’s (even if they are not teenagers anymore). They bring totally new sound in punk genre, including on-point melodic pop vocals with fast punk riffs and groove. Their last album named Life’s Not out to Get You (2015) is something worth listening to.

Gnarwolves (Melodic Hardcore Punk/Skate Punk/Pop Punk) is a British punk bend formed in 2011 by Thom, Charlie and Max. Their first release was EP by the name Fun Club (2011) but it was re-released in 2012 with the different album cover and a few more cover songs. At the same year, the band released the second EP – CRU, and a year later band released the third EP named Funemployed (2013). At this time Gnarwolves did a lot of touring around the UK and Europe, which they continued to do. In 2014 Gnarwolves announced their debut album by the name Gnarwolves which was released through Pure Noise Records. Their hits like Smoking Kills, Bottle to Bottle and Limerence exactly show how this band is different than others. Their passion for music is something that is recognizable in their live shows. Strong melodic vocals in this band are hurtfully honest in lyrics, and drummer never fails to keep that energy flowing around the room.

The Story So Far (Pop Punk/Punk Rock) is band from Walnut Creek, California, formed in 2007. Their band name was influenced by New Found Glory song “The Story So Far”. They are signed with Pure Noise Records and have released 3 studio albums. Their lyrics are focused upon personal relationships and break-ups.

Honorable mentions: The Wonder Years, New Found Glory, Stick To Your Guns, Allister, Man Overboard, State Champs, Basement, Knuckle Puck, Sum 41, Real Friends.