Moon Hooch – A Band Playing Safety Cones

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All of us have had a chance to hear a lot of different music genres and enjoy all kinds of remakes and remixes, blending together various sounds. Browsing the web, you can come across plenty of remixes of classical compositions, hits from you parents' youth with a modern techno beat, or a punk version of Fergie's old hit London Bridge. Now, you can think that you have already heard it all, but think again. These artists manage to surprise us even when we think there's nothing left to discover.

Wandering around through the crowd on the Street Musicians Festival which took place in the fortress of a suburban place in Novi Sad, Serbia, I had trouble finding a stage with a performance that would really catch my attention. But then, I heard a funky dance beat, similar to the music you would usually hear at a party on the beach at a summer night, but there was something different about the sound. I realized that I can't identify the instruments I hear, so I came closer to the stage in order to see what the music was played on. When I was finally able to see the stage, I couldn't see the musicians, because all I was able to see from the crowd dancing in front of the stage was a big safety cone, like the ones you would see on the road warning you that there is a hole on the way, or at the construction site.

Since it was moving in the rhythm of the music, I assumed it was used as an instrument, but I still couldn't figure out exactly what's going on. Then I realized that there were two guys playing saxophones with big safety cones taped to their instruments, changing the sound that's coming out of the instrument's bell. The people in the audience were full of energy, dancing their hearts out like they were on the best party of their lives. The third member of the band was playing drums, making the music sound modern and energetic, but still odd in comparison to what all of us have got used to hearing in the clubs or on the radio. The transitions between the songs and different rhythms were sudden, but completely smooth, leaving the listeners surprised and amazed with this experimental musical expression.

Later I found out that Moon Hooch is a band trio from Brooklyn, New York, and their music is often described as dance-oriented fusion jazz which is highly influenced by electronic music. The members of the band, Wenzl McGowen, Mike Wilbur and James Muschler started playing music in the subway and they claim that paying attention to the things happening around you and people passing by while integrating everything that's happening around you into your musical expression makes a unique sound full of feeling.

All in all, you can't even imagine what Moon Hooch's music sounds like until you hear it. So, you can either try to make music using objects from the construction site or just let the band do it for you and search their music on the Internet – it's up to you.