Musical Playlists Built on Your DNA

While it might all sound a little too “Humans of Late Capitalism” for some, it appears DNA-driven musical playlists could be a thing. The streaming era has brought a huge amount of pros, as well as a fair amount of cons depending on your viewpoint and position within the industry.

Regardless, musical playlists have evolved to be far more personal. Rather than just a combination of different songs you think to add, apps like Spotify make it much easier to find music without having to go too far searching. Now, though, DNA playlists could be a thing.

Teaming up with Ancestry, Spotify is going to be bringing us DNA-curated playlists. If you have ever used an Ancestry DNA test at home, then you will be able to link-up to your Spotify account and curate away. You’ll be given a host of playlists to pick from that is literally built on your own DNA – taking music that is important and popular in the homeland of your very ancestors.

Although the prospect of this might sound a bit off to some, it’s definitely an interesting idea if nothing else. However, the idea that it comes from is pretty decent. According to Vineet Mehra, the Ancestry Executive Vice Preisdent and Chief Marketing Officer, speaking as part of the Spotify promotion via Quartz: “It’s so much more than the stats and the data and the records,

“How do we help people experience their culture and not just read about it? Music seemed like an obvious way to do that.”

Hitting the right note

Given music’s appeal to nostalgia and memory, it’s a nice touch to see we can now actively find music linked to the past of our very families. While it might all seem a touch gimmicky, it’s an idea that very much comes from the right place.

Ancestry has been working with Spotify to help make this a reality, with the aim to help people better connect to their heritage. It’s a smooth idea and one that obviously comes from a good place.

Of course, you don’t need to get involved with this if you don’t want to. Should you already have a Spotify account, you have no need to get an Ancestry account to continue access. If you already have an Ancestry account set up, though, it’s well worth looking a touch closer at. It’ll provide you with a rather interesting service that certainly shows Spotify is thinking well outside the box for a music streaming service.

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