Must See: Viral Dramatic Dog Photos

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Known for their ability to see things outside of the box, photographers tend to be among the most creative people around. They often see an opportunity to create a very cool picture and take it with both hands. One photographer who has found herself going viral recently, though, is that of Jess Bell.

The Canadian has been around for three years and often gets rave reviews for her work, with her specialty being artistic imagery involving animals.

Desiring to make a big impact with her next shoot, though, Bell decided to get some dogs together that belonged to her friends. The idea was to get the dogs in natural, normal poses – such as catching a Frisbee.

Before they would go for the big jump, though, she would cover the dog with colorful powder and watch as art became nature. The results are pretty incredible, which you can see for yourself below.

The images are pretty incredible, showing just how easy it is to blend together nature with some added color and zest. By picking colors which would immediately create a positive contrast with the dog itself, each shot would show the dogs standing out amid the chromatic explosion of dust all around them.

Jess, a loving dog owner and trainer, decided to go for this approach as it would offer something totally different. It also helped to show just how unique dogs can be: when we see a couple of dogs jumping, we just see two dogs. With the help of this photo shoot, we can see far more than that: we get to see the unique shape and form of each of the dogs come to life in stunning fashion.

An Explosion Of Color

Given her love of dogs and her ability to train them so well, you can rest assured that these creative displays would never hurt or risk the health of the dogs in any way, shape or form.

By using non-toxic color sets, and with ample ventilation, each shot would only produce a stunning image, with no health risk or challenge put to the dogs – and also ensuring that the dogs would never inhale the powder by ensuring it stayed clear of their airwaves.

Part of the inspiration for this shot came from Andrea Zachrau, a specialist in horse photography who used a similar approach to make horses stand out in stunning style. After taking a look at her photos, it’s easy to see where the inspiration would have come from for Jess.

However, she made her shot well and truly her own, with some pretty spectacular results coming along the way. Take a look yourself; if you are a photographer, you might get some pretty outstanding inspiration!