Must Watch: World's Biggest Underground Bike Parking

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Bikes are the future. Actually, they are the present in many places around the globe. One problem all bike owners still have is bike parking. They get too full, too quick and then go figure where to secure your bike. Watch the video below.

In Holland, improvements are being made for bike owners.The world's biggest underground bike parking opened at a Dutch city called Utrecht. This underground parking center provides security for bike owners.

The parking center has three floors and it can cater up to 6000 bikes(!!!). Utrecht authorities keep expanding the parking lot and they promised that by the end of the year (2018) it would be able to house up to 12500 bikes.
This is the rent-by-hour bike service, also located in the new underground bike parking. The bikes are being readied for their underground journey to their new rent center.

Take a look at this massive bike rack. 

Like a car park, but smaller, healthier and cooler.

This parking center is open 24/7, so people can come at any time to park their bike here. For the first 24 hours parking is free for those people who are the users of public transport chip.

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