Need a New Activity? Consider Cow Cuddling

As one of the most hilarious and placid animals on the planet, the cow is a uniquely enjoyable animal to spend time around. Like all animals, though, a cow can be hard to spend time around for long without feeling at least a little uncomfortable: especially if you aren’t used to being around cows.

However, if you want to get over that problem, for the mere price of $300, you could cuddle a cow for an hour and a half.


That’s right – cow cuddling is now officially a very expensive activity that you can take part in. Hugging a massive cow might be one of the best ways to improve your mental health, apparently, and it’s become a very important part of the wonderfully expensive “wellness” industry that has become so strangely popular.

Thanks to PubMed, we can say that this kind of activity is now a popular thing to do with your time. Animal interaction is supposed to be good for our mental health and can go a long way to making sure we can recover from mental stress and strain. If you wish to take part, then a trip to the Mountain Horse Farm in New York is the place to start. You can play with them, brush their coats or simply pet the cow – or hose if you prefer.

According to the official website: “Cows have a body temperature that is slightly higher than humans and their heart rate is lower than ours. Cuddling up with a cow, feeling that lower heart rate and higher body temperature, is very relaxing,”

So fear not: there is a genuine science behind this. It’s not some weird idea that has been concocted by farmers to charge people comical sums of money to hug a barnyard animal.

Unorthodox but Outstanding

Not only does it help us to connect with nature in a way that many of us simply cannot in the modern world, it also makes it easy for us to communicate with said animals. The website notes that ‘They will pick up on what’s going on inside and sense if you are happy, sad, feel lost, anxious or are excited, they will respond to that without judgment, ego or agenda.’ – and that it can bring a sense of healing and comfort to the body that simply would not be attainable otherwise.

For $300, you can get a 90-minute session which is sure to bring about some rather comical personal experiences. For an hour, you would pay around $75. You can also bring a friend with you, and you can enjoy the cuddling of a cow together.

Odd? Yes. Therapeutic? Extremely. It’s an odd experience, but there appears to be something genuine about it given the immensely positive nature of the feedback it receives. Why not try it out?

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