Nevada Wilderness Rated Among Darkest Places in The World

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If you feel like you are someone who dislikes the darkness, then we heavily recommend that you keep away from a remote part of the Nevada wilderness. Why? It’s just been rated as one of the darkest places that you will find on this planet. However, while some of us don’t like to be in the dark, stargazers might want to head on over here.

As we continue to build up cities and towns at a rapid pace, artificial lighting dulls and dims our potential for seeing the sky. It often means that we miss out on some of the most amazing shots of stars in the sky. However, if you head on over to the Massacre Rim wilderness study area in Nevada, you’ll find one of the ‘darkest’ places in the world.

This has been rated by the International Dark Sky Sanctuary. This is the latest of seven places to be added to their collection, giving stargazers the perfect place to go and check out. Found to the furthest parts north of Washoe County, this unique location is one that truly lets the sky shine at its most stunning best.

If you are interested, the definition given by the association for these darkest places is “exceptional or distinguished quality of starry nights and a nocturnal environment that is protected for its scientific, natural, or educational value, its cultural heritage and/or public enjoyment.”

A first for Nevada

As the fourth sanctuary of its kind based in the United States, this is the first to be based in the state of Nevada. It’s quite the find and has managed to really an extra layer of interest and intrigue to one of the most beautiful parts of the United States.

Speaking about this was the Friends of Nevada Wilderness Executive Director, Shaaron Netherton. She remarked that: “People lucky enough to venture there on a clear moonless night will not only see the enormity of the Milky Way but will also be awestruck to view our neighboring galaxy, Andromeda, with the naked eye.”

The Friends of Nevada Wilderness group are working to help get this sanctuary applied alongside the Bureau of Land Management. This would see it join other dark sky sanctuaries across the United States including Utah, New Mexico, and Texas. Another part of America which hosts a dark sky sanctuary is that of the Gabriela Mistral, Chile.

However, don’t expect any new rule changes or the like to come into play due to this new designation. It’s merely going to help raise the profile of the area, particularly for those who like to view the world through such a unique and satisfying lens.