Who Are The New 2019 Sports Illustrated Rookies?

Every year, people from all over the world wait with baited breath for the Sports Illustrated calendars. For the article of course.

They are among some of the finest calendars made, capturing the brightest and best personalities around the world. While most people love them for the scantily-clad males and females that make up the issues, many love SI for the empowerment it provides to the individual.

This year, though, the SI 2019 Rookies were crowned, and we can now say hello to two new stars of many calendars and SI shoots. Guys and girls –  say hello to blonde-haired Camille Kostek and red-haired Haley Kalil!

The 2019 Swimsuit edition is already underway in development, and both girls are the winnings of the open casting call. This is a new feature they are trying out this year, and both girls certainly fit in with the SI standard. Both girls were part of the 2018 issue in their bid to get into the 2019 Rookie Class, and they managed to do so. Congrats!

Appearing in the typically barely-there bikinis that are standard for SI girls, they made eyes pop with their outstanding intro to the magazine. They were named official members of the new 2019 Rookie Class in Las Vegas. The event, hosted by Danielle Harrington, was a major celebration of all that hard work to get to where both girls intended.

A Dream Come True

For both girls, the work began in 2017. SI was looking for swimsuit models to start posting them 60-second clips of them via Instagram under the hashtag #SISwimSearch. Imagine your job was to sit and vet through all these people sending you these kinds of videos – it feels criminal knowing someone does that for a living and actually get paid to do it!

With over 5,000 applicants trying their hand to break into the SI world, the two girls were the winners in the end. While we’re going to need a wait for the girls to finally get the chance to strip off and strut their stuff on the 2019 issue, you can take a look at why they were the winners in such a massively detailed contest.

If you want to see why SI are so proud of their decision, take a look at some of these shots below. They are some of their top snaps from social media and some of the best shots they have taken. You can thank us later!

Note: probably a good time now to say that if you are looking at this in work, you should perhaps close down this page and come back later. Unless you are the SI swimsuit guy/girl who vets the videos, your boss might not appreciate what’s about to pop up!

By the way, just a note about these two stars: they aren’t bimbos. We’ve seen a lot of disparaging and downright insulting comments as the two girls want to flaunt and show off their wealth. As Kalil said herself: “I can graduate with a 4.0 gpa and the highest honors in academia and pose for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit,”

You don’t need to either be smart or attractive: these two girls are ample proof that we can be both if we put our minds to it!