New TikTok Community Guidelines Sees Disinformation Campaigns Banned

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TikTok has issued its strongest community guidelines yet which have brought about a ban on disinformation campaigns. This comes after increasing public concern surrounding the misinformation promoted on social media.


The new guidelines have expanded on TikTok existing rules already in place: 

As well as continuing their hard stance on violent, dangerous and graphic content the company has now specifically mentioned any type of content that can influence or mislead the community, particularly concerning elections and other political, civic events.

There is no indication of what exactly TikTok considers to be misleading so there is room for maneuver but TikTok has already made it clear that doctored videos, like the one in which Nancy Pelosi was made to appear to be slurring by slowing the video speed, would not be permitted. 

Facebook, however, in its own revised guidelines has said that these types of edits will still be allowed on its platform.

All Eyes On Me

TikTok has been in the public eye after the Washington Post revealed that they had told employees in the USA to suppress certain content. 


This including anything that would be considered offensive by Beijing, including passionate kissing, political debates, and other topics. TikTok denied this, saying that the US-based company was completely autonomous.

Despite the company’s claims, the Defense Department is still responsive to concerns raised by legal entities and cybersecurity experts and will no longer allow the use of the app. 

Additionally, any Government-issued phone in use in the military may not install the app.

Having been instrumental in developing a deepfake video maker to enable users to swap out faces TikTok has yet to release the product.

Until today the company had not taken any of the concerns raised about deepfake technology and misinformation on board. It has now started to rectify that stance with these latest guidelines.