Night Vision Solves Mystery of Creative Pit Bull

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When we go to bed at night, what our pets get up to is always a bit of a mystery. Sometimes they just sleep, other times they make their way into the wilderness and do something a little bit crazy. When the YouTube user autoedit decided to set up a night vision camera to check his Pi Bull's late night activities,  he found that his dog had rather…odd behavior.

He discovered that his dog decided to wake him up in the most comical way in the mornings. While we all sometimes have a bit of trouble getting out of bed, for this one YouTuber his own way of getting up was rather different to say the least!

He realized the hard way that if you let your dog into the room in the morning, they’ll come in and make sure that you get up. They’ll lick away at you, run around and just flop all over you until you get up in the mornings and make sure you attend to their doggy needs!

The dog first appears in the video at just before 5AM, trying to look out of the curtains before being asked to leave it alone. After some nice begging, Grey agrees and walks off – like your own personal alarm dog with a snooze button.

Around 20 minutes later, she re-appears. She sits down beside the bed and just starts to make the most adorable whining noises. With a little bit of back and forth between pet and owner, Grey decided to leave and come back in a little while again…

20 minutes later again, she returns this time albeit a little more sheepishly having missed out beforehand. Shaking her collar, she decides that it’s time and hops up on top of her owner to get them out of bed to which they reluctantly agree.

While some might worry the dog was in need and was being neglected, it’s apparently just what she does and she has a dog door to get outside whenever she pleases. It’s just nice to see that clearly Grey loves her owner so much that she just wants them to get up and spend time with them!

Does your dog come with a snooze button?