This is What North Korea Is Hiding From The World

North Korea, a country so secret and hidden from the world, that it seems as if it doesn’t exist. Oh, but it does.

If it’s not the leader, Kim Jong-Un, who puts his country in the media on a regular basis, it’s American President Donal Trump. Let’s look at the bright side; talks between the north and south have resumed in order to get a Northern delegation into the Winter Olympics, and family reuniting could continue, so it’s not all dark. North Korea can be an amazing country, as modernization has not touched its citizens, which means that greed and capitalism are absent. This could give us a glimpse into what a simple life could look like. It might not be the life you dream for your kids, but it is their way of life.

We can’t criticize their way of life just because it differs from ours. It’s another culture that we need to appreciate. Kim Jong-Un is the third in line for his families dynasty and he’s trying to keep up his grandfathers vision of North Korea, but if human rights are violated then something must be done.


North Korea is so closed that not much media can leave its borders. Some photos get smuggled out by journalists or others and they let us see the country from within, without any censorship. we can start to understand what’s going on. So take a look and decide for yourself.