Obamas and Clooneys on Double Date

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Photos have been released showing Barack and Michelle Obama having a great time with George and Amal Clooney during a boat excursion in Italy.  The two couples were spotted enjoying each others company while on a lake located close to the Clooneys’ Italian villa.

Both men were smartly dressed in gray suits, with the former US-President opting for a darker shade of gray.  Michelle sported black trousers teamed with a white blouse, while Amal chose a long floral dress.

They looked set for an evening out and it is likely that the two couples were en route to a dinner supporting The Clooney Foundation for Justice.  The charity was founded by the Clooneys in order to tackle worldwide human rights injustice.

Long-time Friends

Of course, the couples have been friendly for a long time.  George Clooney has been a long time supporter of Obama and back in 2012 he held a fundraiser at his home in Los Angeles on Barack’s behalf.

It was during this event that it was revealed, by Barack, that the “Hope” poster by was inspired by a photo of himself and George at the event.  Barack laughed that it was the only time where George Clooney had been edited out of the photo, speaking highly of the actor, his work and his congeniality.


June has been a great month for the Obamas.  As well as their outing with the Clooneys their daughter Sasha, 18, graduated from High School back on June 9th The whole family attended the High School graduation ceremony including Sasha’s older sister, 20 year old Malia.