OMG: Raccoon Climbs an Office Building Like A Boss

Raccoons are adventurous animals. They love places to play for fun and adventure. But who knew a raccoon would climb up to 22 floors high on an office building in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The raccoon, who is on an adventure, was first seen on the 2nd floor of town square building on Monday. The next day workers tried to help him come down but the little raccoon’s adventure wasn’t over yet. He headed towards the nearby UBS Plaza tower and went all the way up to 22nd floor. This is when his excitement levels demoted and he thought to take some rest at this height.

This event didn’t go unnoticed by nearly walking passengers. They took pictures, made videos and shared the experience on social media. People are excited and they have expressed their excitement. Have a look.

After a long journey all the way up to 22nd floor, the raccoon is finally getting some rest.

People are concerned with the safety of the raccoon. And they certainly hope that their new little friend will eventually be rescued.

The latest news says that the raccoon has been rescued by the building’s crew members. Currently, the little friend is resting in the cage after a long adventure. He must have had a lot of fun on this dangerous quest.

The Happy End

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