Out-Of-This-World & Totally Impractical Bridge Designs

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Some designing concepts for the new pedestrian and cycle crossing between Nine Elms and Pimlico in southern London are either pedestrian-friendly or just so far out of this world they have been called “The Flaming Mouth of Hades”.

The pedestrian bridge spans the Thames River that will link two different areas of the city and must be technically sound while creating a beautiful experience for a cyclist while offering a solid engineering design to provide enough required height to accommodate passing river traffic.

The designing of this bridge has drawn the attention of dozens of entries from around the world.

A list of contenders will be presented and the winner will be named, sometime soon.  The design must include what the bridge will look like from a distance, what it will feel like to pedestrians crossing it, and how it will look touching the shores on either side of the Thames.

Design is Critical for the Bridge's Success

At this point in time, there is only a gallery of images to look at without much information on each design so it's really difficult to tell just what you are looking at in some of these designs.  According to the City Metric, most of the entries look ridiculous, including one that is definitely not a bridge.

They pointed out that one looks like a spoon while another looks like an Escher painting! (Escher's paintings were bizarre and impossible in reality).

There is no debate that the strange violet and orange creation for the bridge has been nicknamed “Hades” and is far from clear how this design could actually function as a bridge.

I guess you have to question if some of the entrants are just submitted for the heck of it vs. serious engineers that must complete this pedestrian bridge for aesthetic beauty as well as safety.  On particular design is actually quite beautiful featuring a perforated undulating canopy over a series of paths with planted greenery.

All in all, we will just have to wait to see what the judges think!