Favorite Celebs Turning 70 in 2019!

In the world of Hollywood, 70 is the new 50. Just as this list of celebs who have aged incredibly gracefully and are greeting the big seven-oh in 2019. Get ready to be surprised with some of these celebrities who you would never have believed are 70!


The Most Preventable Injury-Related Deaths

There is a higher number of Americans becoming unknowingly overdose with drugs than death through a car accident or from a fall. This is based on a recent survey.

The abuse of opioid is currently on the rise in America. Its overdose is among the cause of...


Star Tracks: Celebs At Home

You won’t believe how our favorite stars spend their time at home! Whatever you think they do, your wrong! Check out stars at home!
Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell always knows how to make light of situations and put a smile on our faces. The actress and mom...


China Grows First Plant On The Moon

Cotton seeds that were transported outside the earth by a Chinese probe for planting on the moon have finally started growing. This thus makes it the very first time that a plant will be grown on the moon.

While announcing it, images of the sprouted cotton...


Game Of Thrones Stars Before Fame

Game of Thrones is the most pirated television in history with Rolling Stone naming it one of the “greatest television shows of all time”. Whether they’re an honorable Stark, a fierce Targaryen, or a cunning Lannister, a mystifying Arryn, an enigmatic...


Bucket List: 2 Best Snorkeling Hot Spots

For anyone who enjoys the act of snorkeling, your main problem is probably going to be finding good locations. While snorkeling is a very fun and widely practiced experience, it does rely upon having a quality location to do it.

This is why snorkeling is...