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Space Odyssey: Getting Closer To A Real HAL

A few years after the hugely successful Iron Man movie series came out, people got to work on building JARVIS, the loveable AI system used by Tony Stark. However, one AI system that was probably popularized long before we could get close to realistically...


A Remote Tribe Killed a US Missionary. How?

Unless you manage to basically avoid all news this week, you’ve likely seen the latest piece of untouched humanity we’re about to ruin and corrupt. The remote, previously undiscovered tribe that was located by a US Missionary, who was then killed...


A Day At The Beach Made Funny

It’s always nice to spend time at the beach with friends, colleagues and other loved ones. The beach is a perfect place to relax and rid ourselves of all forms of stress. Having your feet in sand, diving into the water, getting a little sunshine on our skin...


Cute Love Born On Set

People always want a cool story of where they met ‘the one’, but when you are a star, the places you can meet your significant other are a little more glamorous than most ordinary folk. And what story is better than meeting on-set??
These celebs gave such...


Designer Dresses We Wish We Had

Fashion is a powerful thing. It’s almost a language for many people, an outward expression of yourself and what you want to present to the world. And let’s be honest, it’s incredible what a little skin can do to get you noticed.
This list counts down...


Celebs With Surprising Degrees

These celebrities have proven they got it all. Our love, to begin with, a great talent, the look.. and brain. The next few slides will reveal some surprising degrees earned by those who played the “not smartest” roles at times, the prestigious...