Watch: This Piano Duet Left Us In Awe

Everyone has a special skill. Whether you’re the best artist in town or you’re better at roofing a house, everyone out there in the world has something worth sharing with as many people as possible. It takes something extraordinary to be musically skilled...


Watch: Silverback Gorilla Meets Karma. LOL

A hilarious footage has emerged of an over-confident male gorilla exercising dominance in his zoo enclosure. However, his heroic act was tainted with an epic slip up. Who would have known that even a silverback gorilla can slip up? He slipped so much that he...


5 Simple Tips for Combating Mosquito Bites

As the summer comes over the horizon, it’s easy to get excited about BBQs, long nights in the sun and spending as much time with the people who you love. Sadly, for all the glory that summer often brings, it also brings some much less enjoyable issues;...


World Cup 2018 – The Supporting Wags

While everybody is expecting to see their favorite players get on the field, there are some who look away from the field and search the stands and sidelines. They are searching for the supporting WAGs of these famous players.
Some wives and girlfriends stay...


Want to Check Out Decade Old Tweets? Now You Can

Do you ever come across someone tweeting some form of wisdom or advice, like it was the most obvious thing in the world?
It’s commonplace to find someone today opining their own expertise and their own quality. They always talk up how they feel today, often...

Urban Art

The Zombie Apocalypse Car Design

When you drive through a zombie mob gathered outside your secured neighborhood, you know, like every morning on your way to work, you might, accidentally of course, hit a zombie or two. Or five, or hundreds.

The important thing is – Don’t panic...


What’s Up With Johnny Depp?

During the weekend, A picture of Johnny Depp surfaced online and the actor was nothing but a shadow of himself. The actor/musician who is currently on tour with his band posed for a photo with a fan and the picture got online.
Johnny, 54, looked so frail and...