Meanwhile in Russia: Rat Attacks Street Cats

We all know the story: the cat and the rat are age-old enemies, one chasing the other all over the world for supremacy. Sometimes the rat escapes and gets to live another day in his rat hole. Other times, the cat gets the rat.
We have been taught that the...


Apple Soon to Be Worth $1 Trillion

There have been so many speculations about Apple’s real worth, and soon we will not need to make any more guesses because Apple will soon be declared the first Company to be valued at $1 trillion. Well, if things continue to go as planned.
According to the...


The Hidden Horror of the Beloved Otter

As one of the most adorable animals in the world, few animals inspire such forced choruses of “Awww!” than the beloved otter. However, behind those cheery little smiles and fluffy faces, there lies a hidden horror… an evil so profound that it’s quite...