People Are Awesome: The Greatest Comebacks of All Times!

There’s something we like about underdogs and comebacks. We route for them, we want them to succeed. It’s that artist that showed great potential and we enjoyed their work so much, but they vanished. Or the actor that went over the limb and was all but forgotten and then returns to the limelight in star fashion. It’s the sports myth that hangs up their shoes due to an injury and make a remarkable comeback to claim their place in history.

These people give us inspiration, faith and enhance our power of will.

Today, we gathered some of the most astonishing comebacks of all time across the music industry, Hollywood, sports and personal challenges. Prepare to be inspired.

Michel Jordan

Profession: Basketball legend
Retired: 1993
Comeback: 1995
Achievement: Being God!

Michael Jordan's legendary dunk
Michael Jordan’s legendary dunk

Probably the best player that ever walked the basketball court. The records and precedents he set as a player, as a presenter and marketing persona are endless. Everybody wants to be like Mike!

After making the Bulls champions in a 3-peat, he decided to try his luck in baseball. Public opinion thought this was a joke and that Air Jordan is about to tarnish his NBA legacy forever.

Michael Jordan's attempt to be in the MLB
Michael Jordan’s attempt to be in the MLB

Luckily it didn’t happen. The MLB suffered a player strike and after 18 months Jordan decided to return to the NBA. The next three years he would dominate the NBA again leading to a 3-peat championship repeat.

His is still considered the best player to ever play basketball.

Michael Jordan celebrates sixth championship
Michael Jordan celebrates sixth championship