People Cutting Soap – An Oddly Satisfying Trend

You may be thinking that the only reason for getting a bar of soap is to shower; surprisingly, there’s more. Bar soaps have generated a lot of social media buzz. A new trend called “soap cutting” has been introduced by social media users on Instagram and YouTube.

Here, users make videos of themselves while they cut a bar of soap. This sounds crazy, but as with every other trend, there is a purpose for this.

Introducing ASMR Videos

Recently, Instagram and YouTube users have introduced a new trend known as ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos. These videos are aimed at helping viewers relax their senses, and helps to gently put them to sleep.

The trend features videos of someone eating crunchy foods, carving candles, playing with sticky slime, ruining their makeup, scooping ice cream, and cutting a large piece of bar soap.

ASMR Soap Queen

These videos bring with them a feeling that is unusual but pleasing. Different users try to be more engaging by using soaps of different colors. And considering the large audience that ASMR is getting, and the popularity that it has gained, it doesn’t seem like something that would go away anytime soon.

A Full-Time Job

Quite a number of users have turned this trend to an opportunity to earn some cash; and for some, it has become a full-time job. Nazish, known on Instagram as @asmr.crackle, has gained about 80,000 followers from her very excellent soap cutting videos. She also uploads soap cutting videos on YouTube and gets paid per video.

ASMR Crackle

However, it doesn’t seem like Nazish would stop her soap cutting soon. She makes videos on a daily basis. In as much as more people keep buying into the trend, she’ll keep cutting several bars of soap. “My account is a personal form of art therapy to relieve my own anxiety and insomnia,” she went on to say that is was another form of white noise.

As stated earlier, ASMR comes in different forms, and there’s one for everyone. You may like watching someone eat food, cut soap, or play with slime. There’s a wide range of over 11 million ASMR videos to select from.

Viewers of these videos described their experiences, and claim that they bring about a tingling feeling on their scalp and spine, coupled with an almost trancelike state of relaxation.”