Photographer of the Year - Meet the Winners of the Wildlife Category

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The announcement of the winners in the 2016 contest for Wildlife Photographer of the Year is just in, with winning images that depict the gamut of the nature that ranges from the extremes of ferocity to beauty. All of the following shots are winners in their categories but the overall win went to “A Tale of Two Foxes” a shot from Don Gutoski captured in Manitoba, Canada's Wapusk National Park.

Still life

Photo: Edwin Giesbers

Winner in the reptiles and amphibians category, "Still Life" by Edwin Giesbers

A whale of a mouthful

Photo: Michael Aw

Michael Aw from Australia took the underwater division with his shot "A whale of a mouthful"

A tale of two foxes

Photo: Don Qutoski

The grand prize winning "A Tale of Two Foxes". Editors at National Geographic declared the shot to tell one of the strongest stories of a single photograph that they have ever seen; it's a telling tale of the effects of loss of the foxes habitats due to climate change.

The company of three

Photo: Amir Ben-Dov

"The company of three" shot by Amir Ben-Dov from Isreal took top honors in the birds category.

Flight of the scarlet ibis

Photo: Jonathan Jagot

Jonathan Jagot swept the Young Wildlife Photographers category in ages 15-17 with his photo "Flight of the scarlet ibis".

Life comes to art

Photo: Juan Tapia

In the Impressions category, "Life comes to art" literally, with this shot from Spain's Juan Tapia.
Ruffs on display

Photo: Ondrej Pelanek

In the 11-14 year old Young Wildlife Photographers division it was Ondrej Pelanek's "Ruffs on display" that took the prize.

The art of algae

Photo: Pere Soler

Spain boasts another winner with this shot taking the From the Sky category. Pere Soler shows "The art of algae"

Shadow walker

Photo: Richard Peters

A slinking fox becomes a "Shadow Walker in Richard Peters lens, winning him the Urban category."