Power of Internet: Reddit Helps Police Solve Mystery

One of the worst things that could happen to you is to be attacked by another human being. The sheer physical damage is one thing; if you survive, the mental scars can last for a lifetime. Personally, this happened to me when I was quite young – and while I escaped relatively unharmed, to this day the mental scars are pretty real.

For Susan Rainwater, though, the incident was far more damaging – and much harder to solve.

I knew who attacked me – but with a hit and run car assault, it’s so hard to catch the perpetrator, even with CCTV and the like. However, much denigrated online forum Reddit was the key solution to helping solve the horrible hit and run that took place on Rainwater, 63.

She was out on her bike, riding around Eatonville, Washington, when she was struck by a car. The car had veered from the road and slammed into her, before speeding off, leaving her worse for wear and very much in a bad place. Sadly, Susan died from the injuries suffered.

The cops found a piece of the car, and shared a photo of it on Twitter – before finding its way over to Reddit. Naturally, given the horrible nature of the story, numerous car experts went to work on Reddit to try and find out what had gone down here.

Users teamed up together and, eventually, were able to determine that the piece of the car came from a 1980s Chevy truck. In the following days, local cops got a tip-off about a 1986 Chevy K-10 truck – it was clearly damaged, including the headlight.

Shortly after, 37-year-old Jeremy Simon was taken in for questioning, who admitted that he hit Rainwater with the car – and also had some illegal drugs in his possession.

A Good Deed

While many people might find that Reddit is a place for people of dubious repute to congregate, that’s not the case at all. Like any form of platform online, there’s parts of it that most would do well to avoid. Reddit, though, is loaded with all manner of different experts, interesting people and useful information – now, it can add ‘solving crimes’ to the list of things Reddit has helped achieve.

Some might still decry the play as a den of evil, but it’s nothing of the sort. Thanks to the studious work of the Reddit detectives, justice was delivered.

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