Most Memorable Red Carpet Fashion Moments

Any red carpet event has its moments. Oftentimes it doesn’t really matter what the event it, as long as the stars would be seen on the red carpet. And they look amazing of course. Some put their minds to how they would look, and some are just radiant no matter what they have on.

Here are some of the most memorable moment on the red carpet at the Oscars and other red carpet events.

Meghan Markle-NBC Summer Press

There is very little the stunning Meghan Markle cannot do. From her acting abilities, her passion for advocating for those in need, to her impeccable style.

But do we expect anything else of a future royal? Thanks to her engagement to Prince Harry a life of royalty awaits this starlet.

Next Princess

We are excited to see how her fashion develops, but the truth is her style is always on point like when she rocked this pantsuit ensemble. with style and sophistication like this, she is bound to fit into the royal family!

Hold your carpets, there’s more!