Pros and Cons Of Apple Data Download

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With the world finally wakening up to the horrors of all those privacy policies we’ve agreed to in the past, privacy has become a major conversation topic in the last 18 months. It’s about time. Too many people have seen ‘free’ services and signed away their lifestyles and other key information.

Not reading the Terms and Conditions is always dangerous, but it’s even more dangerous when the very price you pay is your identity.

Starting from now, all US citizens will have their right to download all of their Apple data – a feature brought in thanks to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU. It’s going to help make Apple far less invasive on privacy, and ensure that users have total control over what data they provide.

More importantly, you now have the right to see (just about) every screed of data that Apple has on you.

How can I get my data via Apple Data Download?


  1. First off you need to log in to your Apple ID account on the official Apple site from a secure location.
  2. Then go to the Data & Privacy section, and select Manage Your Data and Privacy.
  3. Once you do this, select Get a Copy of your Data, and hit Get Started.
  4. Follow the Wizard provided, and choose all of the data that you wish to download. Otherwise, choose Select All to grab everything.
  5. You will then verify your identity with Apple and you’ll be sent all of your data to your Apple ID account for around 14 days.

In here, you will find all manner of critical details including:

  • Your entire call history when using your Apple ID device(s).
  • Your Apple ID details including login records and similar.
  • All data stored on your iCloud, including media.
  • All information that is stored about applications via the iCloud.
  • All Apple Music data that you might have collected.
  • All information held in the Game Center and the Apple Health app.
  • Purchase records and usage history across Apple Store, iTunes and APPLE Books.
  • All purchase records from Apple stores.

However, you need to note that the following data will not be accessible for you:

  • Your messaging history – this is because messages are encrypted and cannot be accessed outside of the device they are stored on using the right passcode.
  • Your browsing history as they are collected anonymously and thus cannot make the data attributable to your device(s).
  • Purchase history such as credit card numbers bank account numbers, device IDs and e-mail addresses. You need to contact your bank if you wish to see this information.

With this in mind, then, you should find it much easier to make a significant impact on the kind of data collected about and for you. If you are someone who is vigilant about privacy, then this should give you plenty of opportunities to learn about the kind of information that Apple has on you.