Purchasing Parrot Perfects Online Orders!

We’ve all heard of piracy, but parrotsy?

This brilliant parrot was able to crack the code of the Alexa software by Amazon, and start placing orders. This wire-controlled SMART speaker has become one of the most popular modern tech innovations, making life easier for everyone to manage their home. This parrot from London, though, showed typical Cockney intellect as it began to place orders with the online retailer.

Buddy’s Ordering Abilities

By mimicking the voice of its owner, Buddy the parrot began to log online orders. While the order was only a meager £10 – a set of gift boxes – the owner couldn’t work out what happened. Eventually, though, it clicked; the little bird was using its mimicry skills to wonderful effect. Activating the speaker with a mimic of the voice of its owner, Corienne Pretorius, the parrot was able to place an order.

The smart speaker authenticates the voice and then connects to the web. It could be capable of doing anything, from changing the temperature at home to, as we can see, making a purchase on the web. Having clearly heard Corienne make purchases through Alexa before, it mastered the art of doing so and learned the request off-by-heart.

According to The Sun, the parrot can even mimic a common phrase used by Corienne – “hold on Alexa!”

The Culprit is Caught!

Having made an inquiry about why a bunch of gift boxes appeared at her door, Corriene, her husband and her young son began to investigate the matter, with the two boys claiming innocence in the act. Before long, only one culprit was left!

Speaking to The Sun about it, Corienne explained the situation. “I couldn’t believe it when I realized it was Buddy who had used Alexa to make an Amazon order. None of us even knew how to use her for that.”

“Buddy is hilarious. We have a cat and he mimics that, too. He is such an attention seeker. He also swears in Afrikaans. When we go to bed, he says goodnight.” she continued, showing the bird to have more wit than your average parrot!

Indeed, footage on the tabloids website even shows the parrot activating the Alexa speaker – showing proof that it can clearly understand Buddy and his attempts to buy items. If a big bunch of parrot food appears the door in the next few weeks, at least the will know why!