True Real Housewives Facts & Stories

It’s always really good to take a look back at the early years of popular TV shows, so let’s take a look at The Real Housewives of Orange County. Originally the series was tipped to be called Behind the Gates and was a chance for viewers to take a peek into the glamorous lives of 5 women living in Orange County, California.

Eventually, the show was renamed, the format was promising but they changed the name to The Real Housewives – the show we now know so well.

How RHOC Got Started

When the show was still called Behind the Gates it gave the impression that it was going to be more about the homes and properties rather than the people. By changing the name to The Real Housewives, viewers knew that the focus of the show was squarely on the people and personalities involved.

This particular franchise specializes in character-based shows so it is not surprising that the name they finally picked reflects that.

The Real Housewives Of…

Once they had decided on The Real Housewives there was still some debate about whether or not they really needed to add “of Orange County” to that.

However, it seems that someone had the right idea when they said that adding the locations would leave the way open for some spin-off shows later. This was 12 years ago and since then there have been 9 spin-offs. Give that guy a promotion!

Let’s test your knowledge and see!