Rekindling Their Romance After 70 Years: How He Got Her to Say “I Do”

For Ed Sellers, it seems it’s never too late to rekindle a teenage romance. The 88-year-old refused to let his teenage sweetheart, Katie Smith, 89, be the one that got away. 70 years after these two first dated, Seller plucked up the courage and gave Smith a call. Well, gave Smith multiple calls as she was not answering at first. But Seller would not give up, and boy did it pay off!

Teenage Sweethearts

Rekindling a Romance

Before that phone call, the last time this pair had spoken was way back in the 1940’s when Seller was 14 and Smith 15. They were neighbors in North Carolina. They dated for three years but, since Smith came from a very religious family, all their dates were strictly chaperoned and took place in her living room. Because of these conditions, their relationship came to an end and each one went their separate ways, marrying and having lives of their own. They each did very well and raised beautiful family, but a series of events would ultimately lead these two together. Sadly, Smiths husband died 17 years ago form cancer and Seller’s wife, Dot, succumbed to the Alzheimer’s disease and died four years ago.

A while later, Seller realized it was not too late for a new love, and drove 40 miles from his home to Smith’s neighborhood to search for her contact details. But Smith was not an easy catch. Much like her old ways, Smith is still religious and it took Seller a year and a half of driving down to Smith’s home, (he still never slept over because they were not yet married) before he convinced her to be with him.

Still Playing Hard-To-Get

Smith jokes that he asked her to marry him more times than the amount of fingers and toes he had! But eventually the hard-work paid off. as Smith recalls: ““He got down on his knees and brought me a diamond, I reckon I must have said yes!”

Happily Married

A Wedding and a Half

Their wedding ceremony could not have been cuter! Each sat on a rocking chair and said their vows surrounded by their friends and family who came to support the couple. They were sure to mention and pay respect to their late spouses as they did not want to dishonor them in any way.
The couple seem to have found love and companionship once again so late in their lives.

While Seller says, “She’s a beautiful lady, easy to get along with, and we’re very compatible with one another,” Smith adorably states that Seller is the same gentleman he was all those years ago when she first knew him, claiming “He treats me like a queen.”

Let’s all hope we find such pure love in our lifetime!