Relationship Advice From the Longest Married Couple in America

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Divorce and separation have become very common in today’s world. There are hardly any couples who have stayed married for a long period of time. Every other person has step parents, ex-wives, and what not.

The changes in society have led to a sad truth that cause relationships to fail so easily. The worldly distractions and lack of trust are the main reasons why couples fall out of love and decide to separate. In a world like this, someone who has been married for tens of years is the ideal goal. Let’s take first hand advice from America’s longest married couple to help everyone of this generation save their emotional relationships.

The Story of Real Love

John and Ann Betar have been married for 84 years now. Their long-lasting love is based on the simple process of expressing love and admiration. John was 21 when he met Ann, who was then 17. It is a tale of November 1932.

The two became neighbors and that was nature’s way of bringing two meant-to-be souls together. John shifted to the area. He was a Syrian refugee who took a place in United States to call home. John started working as a salesman in the area of Connecticut called Bridgeport. 17-year-old Ann was only in high school at the time.

Obstacles They Faced

Their fairytale was not perfect. They had obstacles in their way. The two fell madly in love with each other and wanted to marry to spend the rest of their lives together. However, Ann's father wanted her to marry someone way older than her. Despite various session of convincing, Ann's father didn’t change his mind. In the end, the two ran away in November 1932 to get eloped. New York was their new home now.

The 104-year-old John and 100-year-old Ann have been married for 84 years. When questioned about their secret to such an everlasting love, they gave us some answers. The first advice from America’s longest married couple was about how to figure out if the person is ‘the one'.

Valuable Advice

John and Ann were friends before they became lovers. The mutual understanding through friendship and then developing a strong bond of love lets you know if the person is someone you actually love and want to marry. They say that they’ve seen their grandchildren grow into adults by now. The joy of seeing their happy family keeps them young, and adds to their life.

The most important advice about how to keep love alive was actually pretty simple. John and Ann say they regularly show their love through words and prove it with actions. It’s the little things that matter at the end of the day. Being a loving person not just to your partner, but to everyone around you shows the authenticity of your feelings.

John and Ann are definitely couple goals. Their simple recipe of love is an easy way to achieve a successful marriage.