Research: What Men See When they Look at Boobs

Female breasts have been a source of awe and baby food since the dawn of humankind, but men have a somewhat more complicated relationship with them that goes a bit further than maintaining eye contact. Research has gone so far as to suggest that the relationship you have with boobs could be the difference between being hungry, poor, or even dead.

Much like breasts themselves, studies into them have come in plenty of shapes and sizes. Some can be more robust, but here’s a look at what science has to say.

Size Does Matter, But Not that Much

There is truth to the rumor men prefer larger breasts, but one study shows less sexually restricted men are less bothered about size.

Other research has suggested men (and women) prefer medium-sized boobs. Bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to breasts. Studies have suggested that everyone prefers a nice c-cup.

What Kind of Boobs you Like May be Influenced by your Income

Don’t worry if you’re a fan of smaller boobs. It could just be that you’re rich, according to one paper. The study – which was published in the Journal of Socio-Economics – showed men with less financial resources prefer larger breasts, and men who have more financial security are drawn to smaller breasts.

If we had to guess, we’d suggest it’s that wealthier men understand there’s no need for the extra fat because they’re in no danger of starving.

Don’t Look at Boobs on an Empty Stomach if you Want to Avoid Staring

That doesn’t mean you’ll try and breastfeed so don’t worry so much. The study from before also mentioned boob preferences can be related to available resources. If a man is currently satiated then he’s less attracted to large breasts. The study also showed that men with preferences for big breasts are likely to be more sexist than others.

Being hungry and sexist sounds like one bad combination.

Staring at Breasts Could Help You Live Longer

A study from 2012 suggested that thinking positively could help you make positive health choices, particularly with blood pressure medication. Not everyone is convinced, but some believe that looking at breasts creates this positive mental attitude for men.

A study from Germany concurred looking at breasts for ten minutes a day had positive effects on the male cardiovascular system. Of course, it only works if you’re allowed to stare at the boobs in question. Otherwise, it’s dangerous for your freedom, you know?

Being a Dad Can Change your Thoughts on Boobs

Lots of things can be inferred from a preference for big boobs, but it is also a sign you’re ready for fatherhood.

One study found that men who wanted kids preferred larger boobs, and men with no aspirations of having kids preferred them small. Don’t worry if that sounds like you though. It doesn’t make you a sexist, a creep, or hungry. It means you want what’s best for the kids you’re dreaming of having.