Rooftopping – Urban by Instinct by Aurelie Curie

“Rooftopping – Urban by instinct“, an exhibition conceived by Nissan to launch their new Qashqai. Artists like Tom Ryaboi, Andrew Tso, Taran Cypher and Aurelie Curie took photos for this event. Here is the ones from Aurelie Curie.
Aurelie Curie was born lacking a fear of heights, but possessed with a need for adventure. In recent years, she has traveled around the United States to photograph and explore the hidden areas of major cities. She enjoys being able to get a greater sense of the scale of the infrastructure, and being witness to perspectives that even lifelong residents would never think to seek out. She feels as comfortable walking on a ledge as she would on a sidewalk, though each step is careful and deliberate. With a seemingly never-ending supply of new buildings joining skylines around the world, she can only anticipate future projects.
Check out the photos and video below. Don’t forget to visit her official website which you can find the link below. By the way,the exhibition takes place at 133 avenue des Champs-Elysées – Publicis Drugstore Terrace – Paris, from January 16 to 21!

#Rooftopping – Soyez prêts.


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